Why do married women have affairs?


The reasons are very numerous.

I suppose its possible that their spouse is failing to provide something that they are missing, but in those cases, as often as not they have never bothered to actually ASK their spouse about that which they feel is missing

For the same reasons men cheat on their wives:

  • Poor coping skills
  • Narcissistic views of entitlement
  • Selfishness allowing them to disregard the feelings of their spouse and delude themselves into thinking they deserve it
  • An unhealthy need for external validation
  • Did I mention selfishness?
  • they get attracted to someone
  • they get drunk and lose their inhibitions
  • they have low self-esteem and feel the need for affirmation from multiple people
  • they feel bored
  • they feel lonely or neglected
  • they are thrill seekers
  • they miss “the chase”
  • they feel the need to be punished and want to get caught
  • they feel angry and want revenge
  • they have a sexual desire or fetish that their partner won’t or can’t gratify
  • they got married to their spouse for some reason besides love, never fell in love with him, and seek love (or closeness or sex) elsewhere
  • they get money or some other perks from whoever they’re sleeping with


as the women,most of condition is the husband can not make them happy,or the hushband have some affaire first. this is truth story:

I cheated on my husband. I know that any sort of explanation will not make it right but since the reason is being asked here, I will tell the reason.

I was always the one man woman kind of girl. I never had any relationship till I reached the age of 24. My husband was my first and ours was a love marriage.I was totally in love with my husband. My world revolved around him.Well after 7 months of my wedding I caught my husband sexting a girl, I confronted him, he totally denied. I caught him again after one month. This time I confronted him with proofs. He said sorry and said I won’t repeat it. I accepted his apology and moved on. I lost my temper when I caught him again for the third time sexting a girl 10 years elder to him. I called that lady and he was cheating on her too, he never told her that he is married. I confronted him along with this lady, he had nothing to say.Till now, I do not know what was he looking for outside the marriage. He lost all his respect in my eyes. In a matter of days, I lost my feelings for him. He cried, tried hard to convince me but I felt numb.Something inside me broke. After months of crying and all the emotional mess, we decided not to end our marriage and work on it. Well then happened something which I never expected. I met someone at work, we became friends. He was married. Days passed, we started liking each other’s company. One fine day, we were talking about our marriages, I somehow felt that he was not happy either. Later he told me that he caught his wife cheating on him. Then started our emotional affair. Yes, it was only an EMOTIONAL AFFAIR. We found solace in each other’s company. I don’t even remember when it reached ‘I Love you’. We both were guilty but helpless. Our marriages were dead but still we had some loyalty for our partners left in our hearts , we never really reached the physical intimacy. Our relationship had a very positive effect on our marriages, no fights, always reaching back home with a smile and no complaints from life. One day he told me that his wife was asking about me. He told me just like that. But it did get to me. I was being the third person in someone’s marriage. I shared my concern with him. Initially he was not ready to give up on us, but eventually we both decided to take a step back. He took transfer to some other state. And this is how our affair ended. And all this while my husband was trying to be normal and was putting efforts, even now he puts efforts but all I have left in my heart is a complete blankness. I don’t like him touching me. We are doing very well in other departments but we are more of friends now. I feel like I am living with a friend, sharing everything but the sex part is really difficult for me. I don’t feel the need of a male to satisfy me now. I do not even have any desire to start any other affair now. I do not even know why am I in this marriage? My husband somehow knows that I am not happy but it does not stop him to grab me at night and f*ck me. Sometimes I go with the flow, most of the times I just wait it to finish and sleep.

Anyone reading this, please never cheat on your partner. It can have much more serious consequences than you think. Living with someone you don’t feel anything for is very difficult and even the more difficult is to live with someone who does not have any respect left in their hearts for you. Neither of us is happy now. And sometimes I wonder Will we ever be happy again?

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