Is homosexuality natural?


Is homosexuality natural

I have a better question: why do people use forks? Why don’t we explain to their kids that forks are unnatural. They didn’t exist for approximately the first 180,000 years of our species’ history. Clearly, we were not meant to use them!

As far as we know, homosexuality is natural to our species. It exists in all cultures and has done so for all of recorded history. It also exists in our closest relative species, bonobos and chimpanzees.

I was ‘playing doctor’ with my same-age cousin when we were 14 (in private, at the top of a hay mow in their barn, on a blanket) and because we’d hit puberty, semen was spilled. We had an awakening, like all teens do, about sex and how wonderful it can be. We both had very nice slim bodies and were drawn to each other…..before long, one day he flipped me over, and with a lot of saliva, his dick slipped into me. It was mind-blowing for us both, and this became a thing; we copped some baby oil and did it properly countless times (him on me). A couple of 14 year old kids. This was long before the Internet. Nobody taught us, nobody influenced us. It was fun and we gave each other great orgasms.

Even before then, I had an attraction to other boys. I don’t know where it came from, it was just there. I loved everything about them, their looks, their bodies. Also I was spending lots of time (when home alone) checking myself out in my parent’s bedroom mirror. I thought my own naked body was great, especially my bottom. All by my lonesome, I experimented with sliding objects up my rectum, including the seat on my ten-speed bike!

I was vaguely aware that this was all sinful, or said to be. But I couldn’t help myself.

To this day I’m conflicted about it, even though in my 20s and 30s I was super-active as a bisexual guy, and had really wild sex countless times. But I do believe in the Bible, especially the New Testament, and I do worry, some, about what will happen to me when I die.

With today’s Internet and after reading stuff on Quora written by what are obviously really young people, I’m a little concerned that kids today are watching gay porn, hearing everything in the media about LGBT and everything; I mean, they’ve got massive influence by all this into their lives. How many young people are proclaiming themselves ‘gay’ just because they saw some porn, or because they think it’s cool or will get them more attention? If that’s happening, at some point in their lives they’re going to hit a concrete wall of reality…….if they find out they were never truly gay to begin with. But it’ll be too late, they’ll have already done the deed and felt whatever consequences come from it.

But at 14, 15, 16, my intense love of boys and gay sex just came over me and did seem natural……..It was a very basic desire in my little brain, without any outside influence. It wasn’t a part of me that I asked for, nothing pushed me in that direction. In fact at that time (early 1970s) it was widely condemned. Many times I’ve wished I didn’t have such feelings. But they’re there. How to explain it?

I was always aware I had another first cousin, a guy named Vincent, who had killed himself many years before I was born. In the last decade, I’ve learned more about him. His surviving siblings told me that Vincent was gay. He grew up on a family farm like the rest of us, in the country, and his parents were very old-school traditional types. Nobody had money. Obviously he had NOBODY to talk to and would have been cast out totally if he’d dared to be open. He died in 1953. His family and culture just gave him no way out

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