Sex Tips for Men First Time



For this first time sex,you must admit two point:

  1. it's your first time so you're gonna cum really fast
  2. it's better to lubricate the moving parts.

Foreplay is very important

Foreplay, foreplay, foreplay. There is pretty much an unspoken rule that there is “no such thing as too much foreplay.” You want to warm up the oven before you stick in the turkey. With some decent foreplay, your woman will already be providing all the lube you need


What you must do is first you must kiss her on the lips and explore her body without removing the clothes and touch her all over.

Touch her body the hands the cheeks the neck the earlobes the forhead all the places see her reaction if she responds nice to your touch at some places kiss those places . Bite them if you wish like the ear and lips girls like that a lot. Kiss her a bit more play with her nipples. The reason there must be so much foreplay is that you gotta get her as hot as you are feeling because if a girl enjoys it as much as you do with her the amount of pleasure you get will get exponentially increased 

Speak To Her

Talk to each other.

Listen carefully to the other, let him speak.

Talking to each other is the best way to a healthy, fulfilling sex life.

Don’t Forget About The Lube

No conversation concerning sexual accessories would be complete without mentioning lube. Now, women are able to vaginally self-lubricate, but often times it’s not enough. If you’re using toys, stick to a water-based lube. If you’re not bringing toys into the mix, you’re free to expand your selection to include silicone-based products. Lubes are designed to reduce friction during sex, which can otherwise cause some discomfort.

Choose the Right Sex Position for First Time

Missionary is always best. you can face her, you can kiss her lips, you can look into her eyes and tell her you love her. that's always an amazing position, especially after getting married. try putting her on her side, lifting up her top leg and entering from behind. that's also a good position. and if you can manage to continue kissing her neck, that would make it so much better. huge tip: don't do doggy style on your honeymoon, haha comic relief ;) (don't forget kisses. the neck, the lips, the face, the chest, the breasts, the hips)

Some Tips and you can hold long

  • Do it Slow

Try entering slow. oral will help with this, spit always does the trick! and if you're planning on trying oral, the clit feels very very good being massaged by the tongue. but, do understand having anything inserted for the first time into a vagina, if she's a virgin of course, will cause pain. so take it easy, go slow. 

  • Do it Twice

Your first night will be rather quick. don't expect to last three hours or anything. but, if you decide to go at it twice, it will be a bit more.

However many times you feel the need. if she's happy with once, then go0 once. if she wants more, go more than once. but make sure she's getting what she needs. make sure she has an orgasm before you finish for the night.

Don’t forget about safety

Just because you’re acting out a fictitious situation doesn’t mean you can forget about reality completely. Your sexual health is always a priority, so stock up on condoms before your big night. Using condoms is the best way to prevent pre. While you’re at the store, you may want to pick up some personal lubricant or even a vibrating ring to spice up the occasion even more.

After sex:

After I finish inside her, I like to continue to thrusting slowly for a while, running my hands up and down my wife’s back. A sort of impromptu back massage.

Talk about deep subjects while doing so. I find sex with a long term partner is great for opening up and making ourselves vulnerable, making it easier to talk about subjects you might not talk about otherwise.


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