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Hi All,
I've been dating this amazing guy for a few months and I'm so lucky that I met him.

He is a few years younger than me and very inexperienced. And I mean he has no clue what he's doing. I am his first "real girlfriend" and he hasn't even kissed anyone before me.
Don't get me wrong, I kind of like the idea of being his sex teacher, I'm trying to be patient, understanding and talk to him about our sex life. There are a few problems and I'm not sure how to fix them, any ideas would be greatly appreciated 
1. Foreplay - it always consists of me touching and kissing various parts of his body, stripping or giving him a massage. He doesn't touch me much, if he does, it's always my face, neck and back. Oh, and sometimes he would grab my ass, but that's about it. He would never touch my breasts, thighs or my intimate parts. I asked him why, he just started laughing.

Gadgetlly Suggestion:the guy is one newbie for making love and lack of experience,you can whisper to him and requested him to touch the place which you want it,or tell hime to how to do it. Also you can his hand to touch,in the meantime,give him some encouragement,just like say “yes,yes, it is the place,again and again.”

  1. Sex - always in a missionary or doggy style, no touching, he cums really fast and that's it. I asked to be on top but he refused.

Gadgetlly Suggestion:there are so many sex position for try, you can discuss with him before action. Also you can search some sex blog about the sex tips and sex position, read it with him together and get the knowledge for each other. You can be leader and give hime so suggestion.

  1. Oral - I love giving blowjobs and he loves receiving them, but he would never return the favour, hasn't even tried once. If he had tried and decided that he doesn't like it, I'd understand... I think.

Gadgetlly Suggestion: Oral is very import in the sex action,you can tell hime your feeling and choose the 69 position.and then,when you suck his dick, he can suck your clitoris. It is very easy sex position.

  1. Anal - no go.

Gadgetlly Suggestion: It is difficult for everyone, it better not to try.

  1. After sex - he is ready to sleep, not bothered that I'm still horny. He keeps saying "I can't go for the 2nd round, sorry" and that's it. He's not willing to touch me/finger me or do anything to help. He would just spoon me and fall asleep. He also gets really upset when I pull my toys out.
    It's been quite a few times that I cried myself to sleep because I feel like he doesn't care about me. I've tried to talk to him about it and now he thinks I'm obsessed with sex.

Gadgetlly Suggestion: After done, talk to her in your arm about the experience and discuss to learn more. This is to help you to open up yourself as you and your partner would like to have more and better sex next time.

  1. Porn - I have asked him to watch porn together and let him choose the category, he said he doesn't like porn and it's weird that women watch it.

Gadgetlly Suggestion:it is very useful for watch porn together.but I think he maybe some shy with this,you can turn on the porn video when sex. Slowly, he will accept it. Also I think the guy is some
feel self-abased. He feel embarrass because the porn man have one so big and long dick in each video, and also it can hold on over 1 hours about each video.

Talking about sex gets more and more difficult, he keeps repeating that's because he's Asian and has been raised in a different culture. I get that, but there must be something we can do. He says he wants it to work, so do I.
I don't want to overthink it, but can't help it, maybe he's not attracted to me? I really don't know and it drives me crazy.
Please, help.
Thank you in advance for every reply.

Lots of love,

In the End: I think he is love you but he is a shy man. And also he don’t want admit it. Important thing you should encourage him and make him feel, you have been conquer during sex; make hime feel, you are so excited by him dick. It can establish him confident in sex, and then, he will be love to make love and also will love to learn how to get more skills to conquer his girl.

I hope you can find some helpful for your sex and good luck

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