What is the 69 Sex Position?


What is the 69 Sex Position

What is the 69 Sex Position?

Stimulating private part of your partner by mouth is called 69 position. This position can be used by straight couple, gay couple and lesbian couple.

69 oral sex. Oral sex means boy sucking girl pussy, sucking her boobs, kissing her everywhere.It's the best oral sex positions it's give weird feeling and boost our mood

It's so self-explanatory. Look at this number, and then add a bit of imagination.

What is the 69 Sex Position

How it Work?

This can be done lying down, one on top of the other or side by side. Alternatively, one partner can stand while holding the other upside down. In this position, the genitals are approached from the opposite direction, allegedly creating a sensation different from that of ordinary oral sex.

In an act of 69 that includes a female partner, her clitoris is licked, possibly through the clitoral hood, which provides a buffer if the clitoris is too sensitive for direct stimulation.

If a male partner is present, his frenulum rubs against the roof of the performing partner's mouth, while the foreskin and the front of the glans may be stimulated by their tongue.

In an act of 69 between a male and a female partner, the female may choose to be on top so that she can control how deep the penis enters her (deep throating) to avoid gagging.

One variation on 69 includes digital penetration of either partner's anus or vagina.

The position carries the benefit of allowing partners to experience sexual stimulation simultaneously, but this can also distract those who try to focus solely on pleasuring themselves. The position can also be awkward for partners who are not similar in height

Some 69 Sex Position Variation

Two partners performing oral sex and/or digital penetration on each other at the same time. Basically you have two people aligning themselves so that each person's mouth is near the other's genitals.

Man on Top:

This is pretty much just the reverse of the girl on top position. With this one, your girl starts lying down on the bed with her legs up and you straddle her chest facing the opposite direction. Your genitals should be able to rest on top of her face, while you should be able to eat her out from the top.

What is the 69 Sex Position?


For this variation, both you and your girl will start laying down, facing each other, with your heads on opposite ends (so that you can give each other oral). Move in closer so that both of you can start stimulating the others’ genitals. Your head should be in between your girl’s legs, and vice-versa. From a birds-eye view it should kind of look like a yin-yang symbol. When you first try this position, it might feel a bit strange compared to the girl or man on top since you’re both on your sides.


Standing 69:

For this one, you must make sure you’re significantly heavier and stronger than your woman – enough so that you can carry her for a long period of time. What you basically want to do is lift her up by her waist while she’s upside down, so that her pussy is right in your face, and your penis is on her face – while you’re standing.


Sitting 69:

With this one, you’ll be starting off sitting down on the edge of the bed, with your feet planted on the floor. Get your girl to come from behind and over you, then bend down so she can perform oral on you.



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