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What is the Feeling that have sex with younger girl?

What is the Feeling that have sex with younger girl

It is great, but you need to make sure you pick the right girls.

I started having sex with younger women when I was in my early 30s – at first, women in their early 20s. Not too much of an age gap, but in my late 30s a 19-year-old contacted me on a dating site and while I thought that was a lot younger than I’d previously dated I gave it a shot, and it turned out to be amazing. Since then I’ve fucked a number of girls around 18–19, though of course I won’t say to women who are older than that too. I’m 40 now.

What I will say is this:

The idea that older women are better at sex is total bullshit that women tell themselves to feel better, and some men repeat because they don’t want to endure the angry wrath of those women and because many of them don’t think they have a chance of scoring with younger women. If this were really true, men wouldn’t bother dating younger women at all, because older men are just as (if not more) attractive to older women as they are to younger women, i.e. it would be just as easy if not easier to simply date these supposedly “superior” older women all the time.

Women believe that “older women are better” because they are, for the most part, women who were uptight or too anxious about sex when they were young to enjoy it (and thus develop any skill at it), and then suddenly they were 30, 40, and realized they should try to enjoy themselves so they finally started trying to be better, and now they’re “better at sex” than younger women when, in fact, they’re just better than their younger selves.

Let me repeat this: older women aren’t better at sex than younger women. They’re just better at sex than their own younger selves.

Their younger selves aren’t the young women that older men enjoy dating.

The young women that older men enjoy dating are the young women who, upon reaching sexual maturity, decided that they were comfortable with sex right now and they were going to have it, and after having sex with a few dozen boys and a few older men who actually taught them how to be a good sex partner, they became plenty good.

And often, better than the “older women” who think they are better than sex.

Young women who really want to have sex can have a lot of it, and getting a lot of experience at something is the best way to become good at it.

(For some reason our society believes this to be true of plumbers, surgeons, airline pilots… but not about having sex. The women who are best at sex are the ones people decry as “sluts,” yet for some reason men value virgins. Would you ever want a surgeon who’d never done it before doing your heart bypass surgery?? Why would you want that in a sex partner?)

I have met, and had sex with, at least half a dozen “young women” who were definitely better than any of the “better” older women I’ve been with – and these were confident, older women who were plenty “good at sex.” But a young woman who is full of sexual energy and the desire to become good can reach a very high level of skill and sexiness well before her early 20s.

(I do think that 18-year-olds often haven’t had enough time to learn, but a girl who starts having sex in her teens with boys her own age, and then has sex with older men upon turning 18 can become quite skilled by 19 or 20. It’s not that hard to figure out if you’re trying)

Plus – the obvious thing – younger women have sexier, tighter bodies. They smell better.

Here is something few people will tell you, but I know this because I’ve been physically close with so many women: once you reach 25, your body begins to die. That’s when the human body peaks in its growth and HGH levels begin to slowly drop. Your body doesn’t renew itself as well. The decline is gradual at first, and then begins to accelerate around 30. You know the amazing smell of a newborn baby? This is the opposite of that.

You can smell this in women when you are close enough to be having sex with them.

You probably think this is weird or creepy to say, right? My reply to that is that you haven’t had sex with dozens of women ranging in age from 18 to 40. Around 25–29, the smell of freshness, the smell of youth and vitality – it starts to fade. Yes, they can be perfectly healthy people – most of the women I’m ever with are fit and healthy and eat good diets. But you can’t fight biology, and starting at 25, your cells aren’t renewing themselves as much – there are more dead cells around, and they accumulate. After 30, you can definitely sense it – you can smell it.

It’s not a bad smell, it’s not like they stink or anything… it’s just a certain sense of vitality that you can sense when you’re very close to them, and it begins to fade around 25–26, and there’s more of it as people get older.

The Japanese have a word for it – kareishuu – the smell of aging. It’s obviously much more pronounced in elderly people: everyone knows the “old person smell.” But if you are sensitive, you can detect this as soon as people cross the HGH peak around 25.

The direct physical effects of aging take hold too: young women (the fit ones) have sturdier bodies. I like to have pretty rough sex – ok, incredibly rough sex – or maybe it’s just that women seem to demand that from me. I don’t think there’s a single woman over 30 who I had sex with who didn’t have some kind of muscle, joint, tendon, etc issue that made it so I couldn’t go all out on her. Again, I dated women who were fit, who exercised and ate well. None of these women were slouches – but again, the healthiest woman over 30 is just not going to be as sturdy as a 21-year-old athlete.

By now women who are reading this are probably thinking, “who are you to be saying this, old man?”

And they’d be right: I’m definitely not as sturdy as I was when I was 21. But it matters less, because I’m usually the one pounding her, not the one whose body has to take the punishment. For me, the most important thing is that I have great endurance and stamina, which is definitely possible (for anyone – women and men) well into your 50s and 60s.

They’re also probably right that I smell older too. Men must be subject to the same “you start dying ever so slowly at 25” effect as cell death starts to slowly accumulate and accelerate. Thus, I consider myself lucky that young women are attracted to me, and whenever I happen to talk to women my own age who prefer young men – well, I don’t blame them and I’m certainly not jealous. I’m good friends with one such woman, in fact.

Having said all of that, you need to be careful which young women you choose to date (and fuck).

Young women are far more likely to be immature and drama-seeking.

The ones who are very mature often had to grow up fast because they grew up in an abusive or otherwise insufficiently-parented household, which means they’ll have other severe emotional issues.

You must be an emotionally stable and mature man to date young women because you will need to guide them emotionally when needed. You can easily mislead them and there are plenty of older men who take advantage of young women for this reason and you should never do that.

I have had many young women place their trust in me, give themselves to me wholly, and I consider it a grave responsibility to make sure they are not hurt, and to make sure that they look back on the relationship with fondness and never regret. It is easy to take advantage of a situation like that. You are the more powerful party in a severely unequal power dynamic and it is your responsibility to ensure that she emerges from the situation in a positive way: she too will one day be an older woman and it helps to world to have more older women who are understanding of age-gap relationships.

If a young woman is too immature or drama-seeking, and you are unable to guide her away from excessively irresponsible or destructive behavior, you should gently exit her life. Don’t get involved.

There are plenty of young women who are mature (for their age) and who are looking to better themselves by finding a good role model. You should try to be the best version of yourself so that you can be one of those role models. These young women are also the ones who are most able to learn quickly how to be good at sex, how to enjoy their bodies, and how to please their lovers. As always, the key is always clear and honest communication.

In conclusion: sex with emotionally stable, healthy young women can be the most amazing sex you will ever have if you yourself are a mature and healthy (physically and emotionally) older man.

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