How To Hide Sex Toys?


You can hide toys in your wardrobe (jacket pockets are ideal), in a lockable box or on top of a high cupboard that’s out of reach

One, you can put them in a pillow case and put them on the floor in your closet near your shoes. If they are made from rubber or silicone, wrap them in another pillow case so they do not touch each other.

if you have a lot and you want to make them more accessible, buy a banker’s box from the local CVS or Walgreens. Write on the outside “tax returns 2002 to 2006 or something like that. Per the date you write on the outside, it will not look interesting because they are so old. And, taxes are SUPER boring so it may even keep your kids and house keeper out of there.

if you’re really worried, there are actually sex toys that are made to be discreet - things like lipstick bullet vibes, RubMyDuckies, Leaf Vibes don’t look like vibrators.

If your collection includes BDSM toys that are even harder to stash, considering getting a lockable trunk or box you can keep in the closet. Maybe a shoe box or stuffed animal.

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