How Many Women Have Sex Toys?


How Many Women Have Sex Toys?

Two studies requesting this have produced similar results:

17% were younger than 20 years, or 50% were in their 20s, 22% to 27% were in the 30s, 10% were 40 years and older
It should be noted that the majority of female clients worked in an Adult Lifestyle Center, who were between 30 and 40 years old. The typical woman who entered had either been through a divorce or separation or had been inspired by her friends. Mainstream movies like Fifty Shades of Gray have opened the sexual world to many women and couples, and regardless of what you think about the movie or the portrayal of relationships in it, it has done a great job of opening the minds of all people World.


The numbers to this question vary depending on which age group of participants are in these surveys.

It is fair to say though that at this time the numbers are much higher than they were 10 years ago.

Approximately 50% of women use or have used sex toys. This is a huge leap in closing what main stream has deemed as the “ orgasm gap”

Sex toys have revolutionized how women can now offer themselves the gift of orgasms and more satisfying masturbation sessions.

Now that people are more accepting of sexual diversity and needs, the shame that was once placed upon women for even mentioning orgasm and female masturbation is now, thankfully lifting.

This openness is Giving everyone the ability to have satisfying sexual interactions and pleasurable sexual stimulation without partners.

According to a latest survey among women of various age groups, it was seen that there are around 44% of them who use sex toys, or have had used one back in time. That says quite a lot, doesn’t it? The most common types are vibrators and dildos. Both are different forms of the same thing - vagina stimulators. They have been used by people for thousands of years.

A dildo is not something that generally vibrates on its own. It is used explicitly for the sexual penetration of the anus, mouth, and the vagina for masturbation and lesbian strap-on sex. Dildos are typically phallic-shaped, and also found in a variety of colors (including the shades of the human skin tone). Double dildos are also available, which eases the sexual need for dual penetration, or singular penetration for two people at the same time.

Vibrators, on the other hand, vibrate! Invented first as full-body massagers, vibrators today have been introduced as one of the most widely available and loved sex toys for women. They might not necessarily be phallus-shaped, but surely come with a range of power points which can be chosen according to preferences of women using them.

There are online stores that stock sex toys that are genuine and sourced straight from the makers. Should you be looking for one such, check out Ultima Max. This USA-based website provides discreet delivery, and the debit cards are charged with a generic business name.

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