10 Pro Tips for Travel with Sex Toys


1.0 Remove batteries or drain the battery. Or even better, buy one with a travel lock.

For godsakes, TAKE OUT THE BATTERY. Not sure if it will actually get you flagged if it gets bumped on, but why take the unnecessary risk?

2.0 Wrap in clothes and other soft things

Double-wrap it. Just in case. That way if the agent is going through your bag and finds it, they'll take the hint when you start to turn red and not completely unwrap it.

3.0 Bring travel bottles for lube

If you take the lube for travel, please remember the volume for custom policy.and you can change the lube bottle for safety.

4.0 Choose a smaller vibrator

It is better to choose the small vibrator,just like the butter vibrator, you can wear it on your neck and just like one necklace, it is no one check out and it is easy to pass the custom.

5.0 Choose the Vibrator or Egg

Security person can see the product appearance, the Vibrator, Jump Eggs are good for traveling, because the appearance is nothing special, appearance is like cosmetics, children's toys, so relatively safe.

6.0 Realistic Dildo Also can Take

If you take the realistic Dildo in your bag for travelling , the security person can see the appearance, there may be suspected that you are carrying human organs  and request you to open the bag inspection. At this time you must be not panic, must calm said this is a teaching mold, en en, human body teaching abrasive, I am a biology teacher, security person see is rubber and they will not be difficult for you, rubber product is not contraband, security person have no right to seize

7.0 BDSM product for travel

Another is BDSM products,It is relatively easy to get out of the way packet inspection, especially the handcuffs.

Handcuffs also is very easy to see the prototype under the X-ray,and also handcuffs are contraband.so try not to take metal handcuffs. if you take can break handcuffs, from figure 8, into 3 glyph, such security personnel don't see what is it

Other BDSM toys are also based on this principle, most of them are detachable. As long as a shape is changed, the outline of the torture device should not be clearly seen. If it is not detachable, it can also be tied together with other metal objects to change its outline, which will interfere with the judgment of security personnel

8.0 the attitude

In any case, in the face of security checks must not be in a hurry, sneaking, this kind of not confident performance is easy to cause security personnel doubt, so the first state of mind can not be defeated, to show a look of calm, relaxed hanging

9.0 It is my sex toys

Put it in an airtight plastic bag, take out the battery, and put a label on the outside of the bag that says, in bold letters, "sex toy for pleasure, not a fucking killing weapon." If you want to check the vibrator, you can put it in the compartment of the bag because the zipper on the outside can get stuck easily. According to the TSA staff, unless you have a toy or something that triggers an alarm, such as a book/magazine /iPad/ laptop/large amount of liquid, it won't be searched. Silicone dildos can trigger alarms, so this is where the tag comes in handy. Lithium battery need not say, it is to must consign

10.0 Where to not travel with sex toys

Those places are Maldives, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, India, and Alabama. Yes, Alabama, USA still criminalizes the sale and ownership of sex toys.

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