How to Clean Sex Toys?


How to Clean Sex Toys?

There are so many people like to use the sex toys to enhance the sexual experience. But some peole don’t know how to clean sex toys or don’t know what thing can use be to clean sex toys.

It is very important to clean the sex toys because the sex toys will touch your skin or your body sensitive place. If you don’t clean it, it will maybe infect some virus. And the sex toys which will touch body skin need to pass the FDA certification.

What things can use to clean sex toys?

  • Clean Water

Cleaning isn’t the easiest thing to do when it comes to toys. Male masturbators, in particular, can be really hard to clean. The normal thing can be use is water and most of people use water to clean sex toys.But some sex toys need be carefully wash by water which is with the batteries inside. You need read your sex manual carefully and make sure the product is waterproof.

Waterproof below IP 67, It can not just rinse,don’t bury the sex toys in water

Waterproof IP 67+, It is safety under the water and also it can use in the bathroom

  • Shower Gel

In fact, Sex toys also need to be bathed, especially sex toys that enter the body.It is difficult to avoid touching body fluids. The ingredients of the shower gel are mild. For some silicone toys that are stained with dust, It will make it easier to wash the dirt by foam

It is suitable for batteries and waterproof sex toys. But Remember,Don't use medicinal lotion. It will hurt sex toys, and may be residues.some brand Shower Gel for you: OLAYAveenoPuracyArtNaturals

  • Baby Bar Soap

Yes. It is the Baby grade. The baby bar soap is one great choice to clean sex toys. Because baby bar soap can kill the germ and work as disinfection. The basic characteristics of soap can inhibit the growth of bacteria and indirectly play a role in disinfection and sterilization. The main function is decontamination. Some bacteria can also separate from the human body with the cleaned dirt

  • Baby wipes

The use of Baby wet wipes is also an emergency solution. Baby wet wipes is non-toxic and harmless at least. It is only suitable for sex toys that cleaned. it can remove dust well before use, but it can't eliminate bacteria.

  • Alcohol Cotton Sheets

Alcohol can kill bacteria. It is best solution to clean sex toys. But some sex toys have definitely paper that it can not use alcohol,because some silicone sex toys will be damaged by alcohol.

Personally, I prefer to use alcohol cotton, because it's clean sex toys deeply when I take it and it's necessary for lazy people. In fact, silicone sex toys is not as fragile as you think, and sex toys are not family heirlooms. You don't need to be so careful, but remember to use it before alcohol volatilized.


  • Dip in Hot Water

Hot water will damage the sex toys,and also it is very dangerous which sex toys contain with battieries. If you insist use hot water,wash it quickly and don’t over 5 second in hot water.


  • Sex toys special spray

Special sprays claim to be able to resist bacteria and form a protective film, which is safe and harmless to human body. It sounds professional and convenient, but the cost of Sex toys special spray is so high, It is often an embarrassing situation that the Sex toys special spray is more expensive than sex toys.

 How to Clean Sex Toys?


  • Boil in Hot Water

Stop. It is stupid!!!

Although it is bactericidal, it will kill people.

You will die of electrocuted or explode!!!

it's almost like burning with fire. Don't try.

How to Clean Sex Toys?

Now let us learn how to clean sex toys?

Step 1:A quick rinse by water

Step 2.Use mild soap to wash.or Spray it with cleaner,leave it for 60 seconds or so.

Step 3.Clean all areas of toy carefully.

Step 4.Rinsing all the cleaner off with warm water

Step 5.Air Dry or with a damp cloth to wipe the toy clean

What is right way to How to clean sex toys?

In the end, all the sex toys need to be cleaned before using and after using. From a survey, 65% women will clean the sex toys before and after use.

Sex toys are just tools to please yourself or your couples. From cleaning to storage to use, it's important to pay attention to hygiene and privacy. It's important to pay attention to your health and happiness,so you don't need to care too much about the sex toys themselves. When you use them, remember to wear a condom. It's a good match for your toys


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