Why Sex Is Important?


It’s important to many people, probably to most people. But it is not important to everyone.
Why sex is important
Some people consider having sex important because they want children.

Some people consider having sex important because it can be a powerful way of bonding with someone you love.

Some people consider having sex important because it can be quite a lot of fun.

Some people consider having sex important as an act of rebellion against parents, friends, church, or others.



Biologically, sex is important for genetic diversity, which significantly improves evolutionary adaptation in species. This is true despite the usually very high energy costs of sexual reproduction to the individuals in a given species.

Reduce Cancer

Sex reduces the risk of cancer! Can you believe it? Active sexual life can prevent both breast and even prostate cancer. So we can call it even some kind of treatment. Free treatment.

Longer Life

Sex helps to live a longer life. Regular sex makes you less prone to lots of illnesses. It makes you feel full of energy and positive.


Sex can promote social engagement and unity. This I think is its highest expression. The desire for sex brings people out of their shells and forces them to find strategies to successfully attract and maintain sexual contact with those they find attractive.

Physical pleasure

Sex can provide pure physical pleasure and relief from tension in the way that having a good meal can be pleasurable and sate feelings of hunger.

Stress Release

It’s a perfect stress relief. Well, yes. If you had a bad day, problems with your boss. What will work better than sex? One may say a huge pizza or a bottle of wine but we should not compare. Scientists prove that sport and sex produce a lot of happy hormones. So if you had a bad day, don’t eat plenty of chocolates but go to bed!

Good Fit

It helps you to be fit. Regular sexual activities target all muscles in your body. Isn’t it the best health benefit?

Sex burns a lot of calories. We have already said sex targets all the muscles. But it also burns calories! So isn’t it the best substitute for gym? Girls who avoid sex should remember this. Because 1 hour of sex can burn the same amount of calories as an hour of running.

Reduces pain

Sex reduces pain. Scientists prove that happy hormones help to reduce and even get rid of pain. So headache is not a reason to refuse a sex but frankly it’s the reason to have it!

Sleep Better

It helps you to sleep better. You lose lots of calories and energy having sex. So your sleep will be deeper and healthier after a few rounds of sex. Orgasming helps body to relax and fall into a deep sleep and feel better in the morning.

Be More Smart

Sex helps to stay smart. Thanks to the increasing blood flow to the brain, you are more alert. Sex before a hard working day can make your brain much sharper! You will show better results. And have a good mood! It’s important too.

Better Skin

Sex causes healthier skin. Have you ever heard that if you have some problems with skin you have to find a regular partner? Well, that’s true! Hormone DHEA makes your skin look shinny and healthy. Regular sexual activity even helps your skin to stay younger a bit longer.


Sex can be used to reward others who have given something of value. Oftentimes, the thing of value is just a physical look that is appreciated, but intelligence or empathy can also be rewarded with sex, if the sex is valuable to the person who it is being awarded to.


Sex can boost one's sense of self-worth. If one is physically endowed or skilled, having a wide variety of satisfied sexual partners and admirers can serve to reinforce self-worth and even attract significant resources to the individual that they otherwise would not have access to.

Sex makes a person happy. Is there any doubt about that? Sex is fun, relaxing and full of romance! Satisfied people are smiling all the time and stay positive! In fact, this reason is the one you need to jump into your bed right now!


Psychologically, interpersonal harmony and connection benefits the individual as well as the group. In human beings in particular, we tend to get into our heads too much. While this is all ducky as long as we live a balanced life, we need to live a balanced life. Being alienated from our bodies is not a good thing for us.

As well, and we can add this dimension however you wish and however you want to put it, for a healthy angle towards sexuality one would be well served to understand a Sufi attitude towards sexual congress, that it, arousal, connection, ecstasy, are connecting with Allah (God) in the first place. A way to understand this is to understand abandon and simplicity as natural, an ideal. I suppose others might be more intellectual than I, but the moment of orgasm is hardly an reasoned experience. As well it shouldn’t be, and nor do we want it that way.

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