Best sex position to have a boy


Do you want have baby asap? Do you know what sex position can have a boy easily? What is best sex position can help the sperm to get in uterus? Now let us to get some information to help you have a boy quickly.

 Best sex position to have a boy

  • What Sex Position better for having a Boy
    • Lie prostrate or Lie face upwards Easy to be pregnant
    • What sex position is easy to be pregnant
    • Want to be pregnant after sexual intercourse what should notice
  • What position is not suitable to be pregnant
  • What should be noticed for preparing pregnant
  • What Sex Position better for having a Boy
  • Lie prostrate or Lie face upwards Easy to be pregnant

The woman lies on her back with her legs bent forward so that the vagina moves at an Angle with the horizontal position. This kind of posture sexual intercourse can make vagina shorten, hind official lake becomes shallow, be helpful for seminal fluid firm stay and spermatozoon enter uterine cavity.

When sexual intercourse, the woman buttock underlies the soft pad of a proper thickness, make vagina deepness maintains low position, continue to lie supine 0.5~1 hour after sexual intercourse, at this moment seminal fluid flows out vagina not easily.

If physical strength allows, you can raise your legs in the air after sex, or against the wall if physical strength is weak.

What sex position is easy to be pregnant

Legs on shoulders

The boy sits cross-legged on the bed and the girl lies back on the edge of the bed with her legs over the man's shoulders and her feet facing the ceiling. It makes it easier for sperm to reach a woman's uterus under the influence of gravity, increasing the chance of pregnancy and fertilization.

Men sit and women lie

The boy kneels in front of the woman, the woman lies on her back with her legs over the man's shoulders, and the man holds the woman's hips with both hands, pulsing back and forth. This sex position can help sperm reach a woman's ovaries more easily, increasing the chances of conception


High degree of binding, but reduced female pleasure. The disadvantage of flexion is that the vaginal opening of a woman has a distance, so the clitoris is difficult to receive stimulation and reduce the enjoyment of female orgasm, but the advantage is that the penis can be deeply inserted, to facilitate pregnancy, so for the newlyweds who want to have children early, can be the fastest ideal position.

Best sex position to have a boy

Want to be pregnant after sexual intercourse what should notice

Don't get up immediately after sex

Don't jump out of bed for an aerobics class right after sex. Many women want to take a shower right away. Wait. If you want to get pregnant, you should lie in bed and rest for a while to prevent the semen from flowing out. When you can't raise your legs, the best position is to lie on your side with your knees bent as close to your stomach as possible.

Enjoy sex

Sex can bring new life, but making love is never just about bringing new life. Having sex with your heart's content will not only bring a smile of contentment to your face, it will also greatly increase your chances of getting pregnant as soon as possible. It's true. The study found that women who had orgasms during sex were more likely to get pregnant than those who just lay there doing their duty.

Do some floor exercises properly

To strengthen your pelvic muscles, it's good to do some floor exercises. Flexible and powerful pelvic muscles will not only make you enjoy sex more, but also make him feel more stimulated. Most importantly, of course, it makes you more fertile. Although, until now, doctors have not been entirely sure of the relationship, it's a theory you can dismiss.

 What position is not suitable to be pregnant

Stand up

It is generally considered the least fertile sexual position. Because sexual life when female genital prolapse, vaginal opening, sexual intercourse after the vast majority of semen with the penis out and out of the body, the chance of conception is very low.

Standing sex can be face to face, or men facing women's back, and face to face sex requires men and women of similar height, otherwise men can only hold women up, women's legs in the man's waist, and back, can use other characteristics to make up for the lack of height.

Seat Down

The second is that sitting can reduce the chance of conception. If men and women can cooperate with each other, insist to adopt above sexual intercourse position to be able to obtain sexual satisfaction already, can reduce the chance of conceiving again, kill two birds with one stone.

Seated penetration tends to be deeper, and men can stroke women's breasts or vulva, which is a good position for intercourse

What should be noticed for preparing pregnant

Rest and sleep:

Get enough sleep each day or your immune system will suffer and your hormones will be disrupted, which is bad for pregnancy. Let yourself have a light heart. Don't put too much pressure on yourself. Try yoga for relaxation and exercise.

Quit smoking and drinking

Alcohol damage to sperm, as early as people are familiar with, smoke in a variety of harmful substances can also kill sperm. Stop drinking and smoking at least three months before conception.

Folic acid supplement:

Folic acid plays a very important role in the healthy development of the baby, folic acid deficiency, may lead to fetal brain development incomplete or malformed, so women in the first three months of pregnancy to take adequate folic acid. Foods rich in folic acid include amaranth, spinach, lettuce, asparagus, and cabbage. Take 0.4 mg of folic acid per day during the first trimester.

Fill calcium:

Calcium is the main component that forms skeleton and tooth, it is a kind of material that cannot be absent in fetal development process, and dosage is more. Calcium-rich foods include milk, soy products, eggs, seafood, bone soup, etc. Start taking calcium supplements when you're ready to get pregnant. You need about 800 milligrams a day.

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