How Much Sex Is Too Much


Sex is good and pleasurable physical activity. It raises one’s heart rate (or at least it should) as well as respiration. For some it could be considered a workout, for others, just very pleasurable exercise. The amount of energy expended will depend entirely on the participants and what they want to do, or what they are able to do.

Whichever is the lesser of the amount of sex your partner wants per week, versus the amount of sex you want per week, that’s the limit. Anything beyond that, is too much.

So if you both want to go at it like wild rabbits ten times a day, go for it! But if you or your partner prefer something like once a month, then stick to once a month at least, and then talk with each other on what both of you can do to keep the one who wants more sex happy, so they don’t have to resort to unsavory activities just because they’re unable to fully limit their libido.

There is no exact number for sex a person can do in a week or no exact time a person should do sex. It all depends on you and your comfort.

What are the effects of having sex too much?

  1. My thighs get bruised from thrusting and grinding.
  2. Penis gets a little damaged.Especially my foreskin. Depending on how rough we’ve been.
  3. My balls hurt if I cum 5 times or more in one day. Not too much, but I feel it that day, and the next day as well sometimes.
  4. A vagina feels and tastes differentlyon my tongue if the woman has come a lot in a short amount of time. Hard to describe,
  5. Some muscles ache.Abdomen, muscles in my butt cheeks, depending on the position.
  6. I crave food.Especially chocolate, or nuts or meat or red fruit. Perhaps my body needs to replenish its zinc levels after ejaculating?
  7. My cheek bones can really hurt if I have performed lots of cunnilingus.
  8. The bed can get damaged. Beds tend not to survive a wild night of sex entirely intact.
  9. Some dehydration perhaps.One does tend to sweat a bit during hours of rampant sex.
  10. Some feelings of depression.I can be dissapointed when the sexual mist is gone, and every day life stares you back in the face.
  11. You smell like it.The room smells like it. You need to wash if you are going out.
  12. Some feelings of pride.Sometimes, If it was good sex.
  13. Good physical exercises.Probably keeps your heart healthy and pumping blood.
  14. Some internal pain, if penetration was particularly vigorous.
  15. Emotional connection. Hard to forget someone you’ve had ‘too’ much sex with.
  16. Becoming either very talkative or needing alone time.Lots of sex can trigger both reactions, at least in me.
  17. I don’t need sex the rest of the day, possibly not even the next day. Sex temporarily, very temporarily, becomes something I have really no interest in.
  18. Sex can look silly.When competely drained of sperm, I can start thinking: so this is what so important to me? This simple thing? But that mood passes really quickly.
  19. A creativity boost.I want to go DO something, something not sex related.
  20. I want(ed) to brag about it. Ten years ago I wanted to run to my friends and say: I’ve just had TOO MUCH sex!!!
  21. Bladder infections.Not my bladder, the bladder of the woman I’m having ‘too much’ sex with. Doesn’t happen every time, but the risk seems to go up significantly. Big down side, because it’s very painful.

Also, here are some things that happen when you have a lot of sex with your girlfriend:

  • Chances of pregnancy will go up, simply due to more chances of contraception methods failing.
  • Similarly, if either of you has an STI, the chances of the other catching that STI will increase, again simply due to more chances for protection methods to fail. However, if both of you are STI-free, then your chances remain at zero no matter how many times you have sex.
  • You will burn more calories. Hooray for sex as a fitness regimen!
  • You will see an increase in pair-bonding between the two of you, as your bodies release a whole lot of oxytocin due to repeated sexual encounters.
  • You’ll see a decrease in your stress levels.

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