Top 10 Tips for First Time Making Love


Making love for the first time should be a precious experience because you only get one opportunity to have a first time,just like the people don’t forget his first-lover. You will not want to make remember first time as a disastrous experience.whatever,him or her.Remeber this 10 tips and you will get a perfect first time making love.

Tips 1.0 Relax yourself

Making love for the first time can produce a great deal of anxiety. You have a lot of things going through your head. You wonder if you will satisfy your partner; you wonder if it will hurt; you wonder if you will be able to perform. To keep some of those thoughts at bay, take a few deep breaths

Tips 2.0 Make her feel calm. 

As it is her first time making love, she will be very nervous about it. Shivering may occur and she needs to you calm her nerves. Spend some time cuddling together and make it as relaxing for her as possible. In this case, alcohol may help to calm her down a little.

Tips 3.0 Start Slowly

It is not a race,so it is no need to hurry. Take your time and talk some beauty thing with each other. Slowly take your partner dress,Touch the skin and body slow. If you do it fast,the partner cannot feel your love.

Tips 4.0 Kiss Each other

You can start kissing her in the sequence from her cheek, neck and then lips. This is to make her having the wanting more feeling and to build up pressure on the bond between the bodies.

Tips 5.0 Never Stop Use your mouth

While undressing her, your lips should not stop working. Do not feel shy. Whisper at her ear and telling her how attractive she is. If she is shy, you can take her hand slowly touching your body and put her hand on your penis to let her feel.Touch and kiss your partner slowly from hair to body

Tips 6.0 Use some Lubrication

The lubrication is useful,because of the first time,everyone will nervous and affect the secretion,it is important to use lots of lubrication to minimize the pain and discomfort. Lubrication also aids in sexual enjoyment in cases where natural lubricant is minimal.

Tips 7.0 Foreplay must be Enough

Now at the last part, you would want to start kissing from the thigh area. You can go as near as her vagina but still you want to hold on for the moment. Until you sense that she moans for more, you can start kissing and suck her clitoris gently and watch out for her signs of pleasures. A word of caution: Before taking any further action, you have to make sure she is wet and is ready. Get ready some lubricants as an aid when you finger her clitoris. Give your partner sometime to get the sensation.

Tips 8.0 Whisper something

You can say something with her,such as “I love you”, “You are so beauty”. It can relax her body and make a great feeling. As she prepares to lose her first time to you, you should make here safety and comfortable.

Tips 9.0 Wet is important

Do not enter her until she is wet enough. If you enter her when she is not wet enough, you will cause her a lot of pain and thus a bad experience. Make her as wet as possible through heavy petting before you enter her. Once you’re ready for penetration, take your time by allowing the penis to enter the vagina slowly, at a pace that is comfortable for the woman. Do not ram the penis into the vagina. That can cause lots of pain for both partners

Tips 10.0 Share with Each Other

After done, talk to her in your arm about the experience and discuss to learn more. This is to help you to open up yourself as you and your partner would like to have more and better sex next time.

Remember, there is no right or wrong way to make love. What is important is that you make love with whom.

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