Top 3 Sex Position for Fat people


From the Data, Percent of adults aged 20 and over with overweight, including obesity: 71.6% in USA.


Many people find it hard to imagine how they live their sex lives when they see fat women. Will the inflexible body and thick fat affect fat girls' enjoyment of sex? The answer, of course, is no! Although fat people in the time of sex will have some inconvenience, but find the right posture, but also can enjoy the wonderful pleasure of sex.

Many people believe that the perfect sex can only be enjoyed by girls with bodies. This is wrong, although sex will reveal the body defects, but fat girls can also have perfect sex oh!

Indeed, fat person has a lot of inconvenience in sexual life, it is body appeal respect above all, it is sexual action to execute difficulty additionally. But that's not to say that obese people don't have great sex, just that sex is harder for them.

In fact, fat girl must not be too low self-esteem, although in our country to thin for the United States, but because thin too much, fat will appear unique! Besides, fat girls are very suitable for belly dancing. Because the arabs think that some swing and belly dances are only performed by fat women and are indeed full of sexy charm.

You think fat girls are totally unattractive in life, right? It is not, plump body is full of glamour in sexual life, bulgy breast, plump arm, soft abdomen can add the sexual life pleasure that is incomparable, want to be not extreme only fat, have no effect to sexual life commonly, body fat still has sexual attraction.

Nevertheless, fat person is when sexual love is more exquisite to the action, a few difficulty higher movement do not try as far as possible, had better give priority to with comfortable body position, if male supernumerate, female supine male kneel or stand type, or back enters type suits female fat person more, and female supernumerate, side or back enters type suits male fat person

Not all men are symmetrical, and not all women are slim. In sex life, Fat people have some difficult than the slim one. But if you can choose the right sex position, it also can release more and more funny during the sex.

Perfect sex requires both partners to work together. After a few tries to master the technique, you will find the right sex position for both of you. Therefore, fat people can also have colorful make love in bed

1.0 Doggy Style

For couples with a height difference, Doggy Style posture is a great fit. They lie on their sides facing the same direction, with the husband behind her. This position allows your partner to fully experience intimacy. Compared to other sexual positions, the pleasure and comfort are more obvious.

 Top 3 Sex Position for Fat people

       How to Do: Get on all fours, then have your partner kneel behind you, with his upper body straight up or slightly draped over you (ya know, like a humping dog).

Stimulation: P-spot stimulation

2.0 Scoop Me Up

If the husband is fit and the wife is overweight, the wife can lie on her side, and the husband can raise one of her legs to the height of his chest, or as high as the woman's flexibility allows, then slowly move into her body.



3.0  Cowgirl

If the wife body shape is enchanting, but the husband big belly poop, that can let the wife try to back face to go, sit on the husband body. When the wife moves her body toward the husband's knee, the husband should bend the knee cooperatively. This is known as the classic cowgirl style.

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