TOP 7 Kinds of Man Attractive To Women


What types of men do women fall for? All the men hope that they can become of the one in her mind, but women have so much stand for lovers, Men don't know in which one is top stand. If you are humor man, some women will feel not serious.If you are silent man,some women will feel you are boring.In fact, women love the natural man. let's look at the most let a woman obsessed with several male type

TOP 7 Kinds of Man Attractive To Women

Top 1: Tall and Handsome

He's tall and handsome. You feel absolutely safe with him. He had a charming smile and his eyes were electric. Wherever you go, he will be the center of attention. He is the perfect man that countless girls adore, with him, is the dream of most girls.

Top2 Succeed Man

He has a successful career and a financial base. Every date, he grabs the check. You like the clothes, cosmetics, as long as you like, he will buy them, just to please you. If you want a diamond ring, he'll buy the biggest. If you want a car, he'll give you the latest model. Only man is material requirements, he can meet you.

Rich men spend money for you, you may not be tempted. But when you meet someone who truly loves you, he or she will give you the security you want.

The man who is willing to spend money for you is the one who loves you. When he has no money, give you all his money, when he has money, he is willing to give you his time, share his happiness and trouble.

Top3 Sunny Man

He has a healthy body, with him, you will feel so rich and colorful life! He seems to be always full of energy. He gets up at 6 o 'clock every day and never sleeps before 12 o 'clock.

Usually repair electrical appliances of various chores, you do not need to ask, he immediately fixed. During the holidays, he will take you to travel, climb mountains and run. With him, you will feel full of strength and passion for life.

Top 4 Love Family

his kind of man is a family man, in his heart, family is always the first. He comes home from work and helps you with housework and cleaning. He loves your home as much as his life. He'll keep everything in order and you'll feel secure with him.

TOP 7 Kinds of Man Attractive To Women

Top 5 Free Man

He loves you, respects you, and gives you complete freedom of space and time. With him, you feel secure and can do whatever you want. The food you cook, he will say delicious. The clothes you buy, whether he likes them or not, will be happily dressed for work.

Top 6 Love Life Man

He buys his clothes from a specialty store, and his coffee is ground and freshly brewed.

Everything in the house was carefully chosen by him. He will never let you go to the night market to eat the food stalls, nor let you go to the wholesale clothing market shopping. What he can give you is a completely refined, bourgeois life.

Top 7 The stray singer Man

He had the air of a wandering singer, the melancholy of his eyes. And his romantic want to meet, fall in love, is the most romantic thing in the world. He will accompany you to watch the meteor shower, sing you the most beautiful love songs. He'll give you 99 roses for your birthday.

He loves art above all else, and it's really romantic to be with him, but what about life?

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