Why do girls like giving oral sex?


It is actually difficult to explain exactly why, but I have strong affection for this exploit of love and lust.

Gratifying husband with an intense orgasim while being in full control of his pleasure is just one aspect of being an absolute loving wife

Because it’s fun and enjoyable to please your partner and see them experience sexual pleasure, knowing that you are doing that to them.

Because freshly washed and aroused genitals taste awesome.

Because it’s a fun way to explore your partner’s body and find out what they enjoy.

of course, there are some women who prefer to give oral than to have sex.

Because it is either fun for one of the participants or it is fun for both of the participants. It is not a difficult thing to understand

Oral sex is best for me if the boy has shaved all his pubic hair. I like to lick and suck all over and I don't like a mouth full of hair.

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