Top 5 Perverted Women


1.0 Girls are as horny as guys

Yes i am kinda of perverted woman.

I am from India, 25 year old.

To be honest

I like watching a guy peeing.

I like watching the erection of penis.

I love it when a guy moans.

I love to see lesbian sex though i am not a lesbian.

I love watching porn where woman taking cock inside Her mouth.

I love trying the taste of semen.

I love exploring more about Male body.

I love exploring guy’s genitals.

I love playing with balls.

But to my bad luck i am shy in reality from a very conservative Indian family Thus still a virgin.

But i masturbate when feel horny.

2.0 Husband think wife is perverted women

My wife is very pervert. I had an arrange marriage and I still remember the first time I saw her. She was very shy and blushing. She found it difficult to maintain eye contact due to shyness. During our courtship we talked normal things and never talked about sex or anything related to that.

After marriage, I thought it will take some time to open up with her. I didn’t wanted to rush for physical intimacy and didn’t touched her on first night. But, next day she became angry at me and clearly said that she is disappointed that I didn’t touched her. I was shocked as I thought she is shy but she said that without any hesitation.

So we had sex on second night of our marriage. She even gave me BJ which I wasn’t expecting from her but she also made me lick her down there.

She is very dominating in bed and demands me to fulfill all her fantasies. I’m not very flexible and she was asking to do it in a particular position and we managed to do that position. She also got her BDSM fantasy fulfilled by me.

3.0 Love to Sex more man

I’m 32 married for 7 years, our intimacy is amazing and intense. We do try lingerie and some crazy stuff. I have a relatively higher sexual drive than my husband.

I now love to see beautiful ladies in their bikini and short clothes. I am straight but then I am shifting to “bi curious “. Love to watch any kind of porn.

I do fantasize about :

staying totally nude at a beach or some public place.

Want to have a threesome.

I want to try big cocks down there

I want to suck them as many as I can at the same time

At times I put vibrator down there and put his tool in my mouth.

I love to massage my boobs with his cum, over my face too

I love him when he sucks licks me down there.

I want to do sex with different men in respect to their body, color , country.

I want to have a group sex

I want my marriage to be open

I want to have 5–6 men around me and enjoying sex with me filling up all my body holes with there cocks.

I look for men and try to figure out how big is his tool will be with his clothes on..……But I belong to conservative community hence I cannot have these things with my marriage. At times I regret that I shouldn’t have to been married …. I should have stayed single and mingled with thousands of men and had licked hundreds of big juicy boobs. Since I am not getting any of this I enjoy vanilla with my husband and bought some toys to satisfy my self….. who knows one day I may have an affair 

4.0 Long Store

I am male from India. I had a girlfriend since college. She is now my wife . We both are from India and had conservative family . One can understand the situation simply by understanding that during her first year in college she did not talk to boys of class as it was a taboo in the environment she was brought up. Same was the case with me. I was a geeky nerd. She was from well to do family, however conservative.

To cut the story short, somehow we came in contact , fell in love. Our families didnot accept our relationship even though there was no caste barrier. They protested just because it would be a love marriage.

Eventually I got a good job and married her. being already in relationship with her for four years before marriage, we had done everything couple do except sex.

We came into close intimacy for the first time during our honeymoon in Andaman. We did lot of things.

She had never worn shorts in front of people. I had to really talk her into wearing shorts. I have to tell you she really looked sexy in shorts . She was feeling shy and hesitant. At times she used to hide behind me to avoid staring eyes.

On forth day of our honeymoon we went to radhanagar beach. It is a really beautiful beach. Lots of foreigners in bikini too. I was seeing live girls in bikini for the first time in my life . I could not hide my enthusiasm and wandering eyes from my wife. Being typical Indian girl, she told me that I should not see other girls since I am married now. However I could not help. After lot of taunts, finally she said , “ how would you feel if other men watched me in bikini the way you are seeing those girls” .

I jokingly said , in this place I would not mind people looking at you in bikini. I also said with a wink ,“ it would be impossible for men to take eyes off you if you were in bikini”.

She gave a little angry look and out of nowhere she did the unexpected. She took off her top. It took me a moment to gather the situation. A typical middle class Indian girl who was not willing to wear shorts in public three days ago was standing there in at a public beach in Bra and denim shorts . She was wearing pink bra with low coverage ( i being a pervert, had gifted it to her on honeymoon). Her bra was exposing maximum part of her breast. I had never thought such situation in my dreams. I being a typical Indian man asked her to cover her up. Deep down I was enjoying this dare of her. Even my love bite on her breast was visible.

She refused to cover and walked away into water. I walked behind her . We went into the sea and had a great time. We did a lot of grabbing and touching under water. I also noticed there were some foreigners in the water who kept looking at her from corner of her eyes . I didn’t mind. I had never seen her so bold and confident as she was today and I liked it .

After some time we walked out of water . She asked me to take pictures of her . I asked if she was sure . She said yes . She said she would keep these pics hidden but wanted to keep them as memories. I obliged and took few pics. She gave some good poses.

Another most astonishing thing happened then . She said she would change her clothes in public. I opposed. She said please, let me do it. It was as if she was living her dream and wanted to make most out it, so I agreed for her happiness. . after rolling towel around her she removed her wet shorts and panties and then wore dry one over towel and then removed the towel. (like the way boys change underwear.). For bra I held towel around her while she changed her bra. I could see inside the towel and could see her bare breasts. She was looking very hot. Even some people were looking at this act from distance .

She was in bra panties again . Then she wore a full length gown dress. And we left. I was quite aroused. She was charged up as well. Reaching hotel, we immediately broke loose on each other and had the best sex ever till date. Sex was quite wild by our standards. I was so charged up that I tore her bra and panty instead of opening them. After an hour of wild lovemaking we lied down for rest, cuddling . She looked at me and said, “ I have to confess one thing. I didnot remove my top at beach because you were looking at other girls, I did it because it had always been my fantasy to do so. “ I told her that before doing anything like that she should have told me as I was not mentally prepared for this at that time . She said she was sorry and would never do such thing in future without my consent. I loved wat she said. She really took care of my male ego.

After some hesitation she again spoke, I have one more confession. She was feeling afraid and shy. She said ,” please don’t judge me and get me wrong, I love u and am totally loyal to you, but today I enjoyed when people and especially foreigners looked at my body. I am really sorry but I won’t lie to you. I enjoyed being a eye candy, revealing my cleavage and displaying your lovebites on my boobs. I totally understand if you get angry. I am ashamed and this won’t happen again “.

I acted a little angry. I told her that there is nothing to be ashamed of, but she should be cautious. These things can spoil marriages too. She apologized again and said that she would never do it again. I said it is OK and I am no more angry. ( However I never dared to tell her that I enjoyed it too. ) .

Still, She did such other incidents in honeymoon. If you want to hear about them, mention your request in comments. If you want to see her bikini pics mention that too in comments. PS, she has given me permission to post her bikini pics anonymously without her face in the pics. (This is one of her Fantassies too)

5.0 Uninhibited Women

I actually dated a girl like this in college.

She was completely uninhibited. Pretty much she would let you do anything you wanted to her sexually. She’d ask for stuff that you’d see in XXX movies. She actually said to me at one point “if I like someone I’ll use my body to make them feel good” and she was talking about ANYONE she liked. Once she was in an exclusive relationship she was exclusive but she was very open that she liked intercourse of all kinds regardless of who or what was doing it. She pretty much enjoyed being used for sexual satisfaction.

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