Top 10 Sex Secret Never Talk in Quora


There is somebody ask this question on quota,let us to tell out the deepest sex secret in your heart.It is very privacy question,let people to said out in the netword which can not be said in reality world. It is over 80 answer for now and views is over 100 Million, it is very hot question on quora for now.

Top 1 : One Women Make Love with Many People

I’m a woman, totally single and I’m 29 years old. I’ll go anon cause, I don’t want to be judge with my name here.

My biggest sexual secret is to engage in a sexual experimentation with many men at the same time. Only men, no women allowed!

I never made it, and I have fear of say it to a man I’m with, and he judges me as a whore.

I want to have a doubled penetration first, two men giving me lots of pleasure. Then, I want both of them licking my clit, at the same time! I know it’s crazy, but that’s my fantasy – I guess I would faint of pleasure!

Then I would suck both shafts and we would start to engage in the experimentation. They would get satisfaction from all my holes and, I would receive even more pleasure feeling – that I’m giving pleasure.

I guess I will never make it happen, since I’m too shy to say it, I was raised in a very strict way and culture, and I don’t want to be judged. That will be only in my mind.

Top 2 :Watch other Man kiss Wife

I am an older guy, just a bit over 60. I have been married twice and I have a fantasy/secret that has made me crazy since I was 25 and married about 5 years. We were at a wedding and having a great time in a crowded hall. She was fairly drunk so went out to the hotel bar to take in some quiet. I excused myself and went to the men’s room and spent about 15 minutes talking to a guy I knew from work. When I came out there was a guy sitting with my wife at the bar talking her up. My initial reaction was to head on over and get right in his face, BUT instead I had a seat in a booth where I had a good view and I just watched them. I watched them talk, I watched him slide his hand over her leg, I watched him kiss her…and I was so turned on. Sick, conflicted, angry with myself, but I didn’t get up to interfere until he helped her up and they headed to the elevator. I rushed up and caught them and told him that he was headed upstairs with my wife. The look on her face still said, “Let’s do this!” and so he turned to me and said, “You can watch.” There was an agonizing pause, a deep conflict within me but I said, “No, we need to be going.” My ex later claimed that she was so drunk that she didn’t remember what went on and we never spoke of it again.

That was a long, long time ago, and yet the memory and the feeling consume me. It is the fantasy which fuels my sex life even now. As we’ve grown older my current wife and I engage in role play occasionally. I’ll ask her who the guy was who drove her home. She’ll reply that it was just some guy. After a little more prodding she’ll admit that she is having an affair with the guy and describes their pretend encounter in exquisite detail. This really excites her and as drives me insane. Over the years I have always wanted to suggest that we do something along the lines of the bar encounter but I lose my nerve. It is sad behavior on my part and a bit if a twisted fantasy, but after all these years it is one that I really hold on to.

Top 3 : Sexual Relationship with Mom

this is my deepest secret so going anonymous

I am from Delhi and since i was 19 i had sexual relationship with my mom , my dad dies and mom become widow when i was 15 after that me and mom use to live together and sleep together too as we were living in 1bhk flat .

so once i was sleeping and heard some noises from drawing room i woke up and as i didn’t find my mom i went to look for her it shocked me that she was watching porn in laptop with earphones and hell she was fingering herself too roughly i just stand there for few seconds and come back to bed but not able to sleep whole night

since then i noticed my mom a lot she use to stare at my friends even random men whenever she goes out i could easily see her sexual desires

then after few days i adjust my penis on my mom ass crack when we were sleeping and it become our daily routine , 1st i touch her ass with my penis later she went outside to watch porn and finger herself but one day she stopped went out to finger herself and it has been a week now , i also start feeling guilty that how can i see my mom sexually and that night i didn’t touch her but to my surprise that night when i was into deep sleep i feel hard down there opened my eyes and shocked mom was sucking my penis i didn’t utter a word just cum in her mouth and most surprising she swallowed it then she adjust herself and sleep next to me now i was high to and start touching my mom again after few mins maybe half or an hour i lifted my mom nighty that night she was wearing a loose one she was not wearing any panties i start fingering her pussy and with another hand playing with her boobs then went inside her nighty licked her pussy she start moaning and this is how mutually we both had our 1st sex as we both burning into sexual heat that sex lasted for nearly an hour.

next morning i was not able to look into her eyes and she also didn’t say anything we behave like strangers but during night we did sex again next morning she start behaving normally and winked at me said you were great last night and i love you

since then we both come into mutual agreement that we will not tell anyone abt this and behave like son and mom outside while inside home as couple and my wifey , and the best is she is best wifey or gf ever she wears sexy dresses to impress me shorts leggings and even fasted on karwachauth for me we have sex everyday , we did sex in jungle area near chattarpur done sex in river in uttranchal and in temple too , we both love each other a lot and she even helped me with my promotions as she fucked with my boss khalid aftab and javed later on my foreign project she had sex with a arab guy all that helped me a lot and now we own a 3bhk flat in delhi but now i am 28 and married she is 50 , she live with us we still have sex secretly but dont know what will happen next .

Top4:First Time with a Girl

I was at a bar and I met a mom who I was hitting on for the night. I love moms, and she invited me back to her place to meet her daughter closer to my own age.

She showed me a few pictures of her and thought we would be great together and so I followed her back to her house.

She opened the door and we walked in , she told me to make myself at home , take my shoes off and I will go get Karen. Karen came half way down the stairs and than shot right back up the stairs when she saw me.

Before this I was at the bar trying to pick up the mother doing my best to get laid so her mom kind of new what I was looking for and just laughed it off at the bar before telling me about Karen .

So Karen had an extremely beautiful face , radiant white skin , blue eyes dark brown hair and Obscene boobs that kind of fit her frame , they were round like the kind you see on a sexy comic girl.

Her mom introduced me and we both hugged and her mom left us to get some wine and that we should spend some time talking , awkward was not the word , there were no words .

karen was bare foot and her feet were little and I loved feet , a fetish of mine , and those boobs there was no way around them they were beasts unto themselves.

I told her I was trying to hit on her mom and she said a lot of younger guys try that on her and she thought you and I would hit it off.

She said kiss me and so I kissed Karen and she said , ok than. It was my favorite kind of kiss where I suck the bottom lip in for a few seconds before releasing as if never wanting to let go .

Than after that she asked me if it was ok for her to take her bra off, as it was really uncomfortable for her as she wears it all day at work.

Turns our both Karen and her mom are nurses. working at lorain community hospital.

Her mom came home and said “so I see you got a bit more comfortable and took your bra off and Karen” she said yeah he is a good kisser and I feel comforatable with him.

We chatted a bit , drank some wine, and soon everyone was laughing and drinking.

Her mom was telling me , U have to be careful of Karens boobs at they will knock your drink right off of the table , and we all burst into laughter .

The night was coming to an end , we were all watching a movie , getting high from the wine and they asked me if I wanted to spend the night and I said sure.

The sexual tension was so high, her mom came down with some sweat pants that were way to big for me and she said you can just wear these if you want to and so I put them on but they kept falling down so I just stayed in my underwear.

They were nothing fancy , white briefs and held my cock in tight, and showed when I had an erection.

Note to self: I always kept my cock in as tight as I could and had to wear two pairs of underwear in school to protect myself better. Felt so good to take them off at the end of the day, so there was that.

Karen was gone for awhile and taking a shower and her mom came over to me and said I know Karen likes you and I think she is going to ask you to take her virginity tonight is that ok .

Karen is 23 and she is a practicing nurse and still a virgin who has debated if she should get her hymen surgically removed as it has caused her some problems in relationships.

I was confused but went for the ride anyway.

After watching the rest of the movie and drinking more wine , kissing and groping those monster tits we headed upstairs to her bedroom, the pink walled cinderella shrine that it was.

The bed was small for her frame and so it was really small for the two of us but as I got in bed I slipped off my underwear and surprised her with my nakedness.

I pinned her hands back as I mounted her and devoured those tits the best I could as there was so much going on. , it was like a feast of flesh that I could not finish.

We played like that for a hour or so , she was wet and asked me if I had a condom and i said no, thats ok.

The next time I mounted her she drew my cock in but than she panicked and stopped .

We started again , again , and again, are you afraid of getting pregnant or what is it , she said no I am afraid of the pain , so just do it ok,

I grabbed her and kissed her as i pushed my cock inside and she screamed so loud, her mom knocked on the door and asked if everything was ok and I said yes but I knew it was not ok. That scream was not a good scream it was bad scream.

We stopped and she wanted to suck my cock , but that was not my thing really and I was just loving the whole event so I got her to lay back down and we tried again, this time I went slower and still she screamed .

I felt terrible because at the same time she did not want me to stop , it was to much for me , I was not into giving pain at all and yet I wanted to do a good job so to speak.

Her mom knocked again on the door, this time she opened the door and said and asked “is everything Ok” and I said no, no its not.

Her mom came in and told Karen , you have to breathe and here I am butt naked over the top of her daughter with my cock inches from her wetness and trying to hold myself up and sweating now , anxiety taking its hold on me.

Her mom went and got a wash cloth and came back and started wiping the sweat off my body, my forehead first, than my back and she said your going into shock , its ok just breathe.

We all started laughing as that is what Karen was doing was breathing , she told Karen to take a deep breath and than told me to wait till she exhales and than just push hard and get it done.

I looked at her mom square in the eyes , than closed my eyes and than she told me its ok and I thrust and than again , and again and again, Karen screamed than stopped than kept crying and her mother held her hand and I pulled out and squirted all over her belly ,

Her mom told me I did good, and Karen fell to sleep, I could not sleep I went downstairs in my underwear and sat on the couch , thinking about what just happened and how hot that was when the mom came ,as that is what really got me off on the scene..

Her mom came down and asked me if I was Ok, and I said yes, she said she had to get some sleep as both her and Karen had to work tomorrow.

I left that morning before they got up and it was some time before I herd from them.

Her mom called and said that Karen had decided to refrain from anymore sex until she was married.

I was ok with that but it was Karens mom that I wanted , and she kind of knew it. and said I know you and I shared that moment and I think that is why I waited so long to call you , do you want to meet up for a drink and so we did.

We met up and started talking about something and we just could not get are selves back to the house as karen was there so I let her go.

I never herd from either of those two again

Top5 : Fucked my little sister

So my biggest secret is i fucked my little sister when she was 12.i was 14 that time.we slept together in bed with one night i was sleeping but i woke up at midnight.i saw my sister was cuddling me and sleeping.although she was 13 but she was healty.i was wearing a half pant only.and she was wearing a t-shirt and half pant.she was too much close to me that her mouth was infront of me.that was the 1st time i felt sexual to her.i couldn’t see mom because room was dark.i didn’t think about anything and i kissed sister in her lips.i touched her ass that night.but didn’t do anything then.i couldn’t do anything because of mom.i was after some days mom went to somewhere and my one of my granny came to stay with us for 3days.pi was happy about it.because granny is very old and when she fall asleep she can’t know anything.

So at 1st night when sister and granny was asleep.i took off my pant and i went close to sister.i was thinking about touching her and masturbating cuddled with her.i was nude.i kissed her in lips and i slowly took her pant off.but i was very much happy that sister was very deep sleeping person.she didn’t think it was gonna happen.because everyday we cuddle or mom cuddle so its i grab her leg and put her leg into her pussy and my penis was touching each other.i rubbed my penis into her pussy.i grabbed her breasts and sequessed them.after rubbing sometime i cummed in front of her pussy.i couldn’t stop.her pussy was full of cum.i cleaned her and slept.but next day in the morning i saw her in washroom she was cleaning her pussy.i was screard but then i thought of fucking her.

So in the night when they fall asleep i took her close to me.i took some lotion and put in her asshole and in my penis.i knew if I’m gonna fuck in her pussyni will be in i chose her ass .my penis wasn’t big enough for her so when i took my penis into her ass it was slippery for lotion. But it took some time to putting penis inside her ass.but when i took my penis into her ass she mumbleed.i became scared i couldn’t think of i became silence an slowly fucked her.ut was more then slow.she was mumbbling that time.i became confident and i was telling myself just finish it.then i cummed outside her ass.i was tired so when i fall asleep i don’t know but morning it was 6 am i think i saw we were in blanket and my penis was still in her ass.

TOP6 :Love sex with Husband

I love it when my husband slams me down and has his way with me using his huge cock to make me reach the highest ecstasy.

My only problem is, he’s not rough enough. I don’t know how to get him into it, but I love being choked with neck ties or thin chains around my throat. I want to be pinned to the floor and bound in rope while he has his way with me. Slapped, spanked, flipped over, chained up, tied up, held at gun point…

I have a cum fetish and wish he could douse me in his pleasure. I want it in every hole, and every crack he can get it in.

There are days I spend dazed out thinking of the next blow job I’m going to give him. I would suck his dick everyday if he were down for it but he doesn’t have the sex drive that I do. I fantasize of all the new ways I’m going to give him a blow job.

I’d basically allow my husband to do literally anything to me or with me. He has no idea. He could shove it in any hole, or place, anywhere anytime and cum on my face.

I guess my secret sex quest is him. I don’t fantasize about other men. Just what he could do to me if he wanted. I hope one day he wants to explore with me. He has no clue what he’s missing out on because I’m too shy and passive to admit these things and he’s not a mind reader.

It’s tough when you’re submissive to ask for it

Top7 :  Do it on a day

It’s obvious that I have to answer it annonymous as now I am living a happy married life and don’t want that my friends or family know my secrets.

I am not sure if my secret get qualified as sexual secret as there is no real sex involved in this, except nudity. I used get showered by maid between the age of 13 to 16. Yeah nothing really sexual here except I used to be nude and it was a secret between both of us. Parents didn’t came to know it. The maid was about 2–3 years older than me. We used to do it on a day when parents are not at the home.

It started on a day when I had some sort of vacation and parents were not at home. This maid was like 15–16 that time and here in India it’s common that girls of that age from poor family do serve as maid to help family. Actually her mother was used to serve as maid but due to some reason she started serving at our home from few months ago.

Well as parents were not there, I skipped the early chances of having shower as I was busy in watching TV. Now I had to get washed under a handpump which was at our backyard. While I was showering this maid also came there with a bunch of dirty clothes soaked in soapy water in order to clean and rinse them. There was not much place around handpump and I was not really happy to have her around while having shower. I asked her to do it later but she was in mood of finishing her job faster. We did some argue, in order to chase her away I told her that I was going to be nude for shower. She realised that I was faking, told she had no issue with my nudity and kinda dared me to go nude. I am and was quite a modest fellow and didn’t really dared to go nude in front of others. But don’t know what sparked in my mind and after some hesitation I unwrapped my towel and went full fledged naked in front of her. Honestly, I was feeling deeply embarrassed but I got some inner ego to prove her wrong and tackle her challenge that I don’t dare to go nude. At first she might be shocked but soon started laughing. I was feeling deeply embarrassed and irritating with her laugh and presence. I told her “ Now what? Go away and let me finish my shower”. She was stood silent for few moments and then asked me to let her wash me so I can finish faster. I was already feeling awkward and straight forward denied her. But soon realise that it was always tough for me to rub my back so I told her if she can only rub my back. She started with rubbing my back and soon I forgot all my irritation and she did fully washed me. Though for the entire time I was feeling embarrassed and having washed by a girl few years older than me was making me feel like kid which was only added up to my embarrassment, but still I found it quite good. She did it well, touched all over my body including private parts, it was bit awkward but I handled that. She did nothing sexual. In fact except me being nude there was nothing sexual.

After she finished it, both of us realised that there was no spare towel for wiping me, the only towel I got was already wet. I had to bring another towel from inside. She made a strange proposal, asked me to get carried by her and get inside as I had to follow a path filled with garden mud. It was really embarrassing to get carried by a girl that too in naked condition. In any given day I wouldn’t do that. But surprisingly I get agreed to jump over her lap and let her took me get inside. She did picked up me in front carry, like a mother carry her kid, very embarrassing, and took me inside. At that age she was quite taller than me and it was not a problem for her to carry me. It was really embarrassing but don’t know why I liked it too. Then she wiped me with a dry towel.

After this first shower I kept on thinking about this embarrassing incident and I even feared what if my parents and others came to know. After few weeks, almost. 5–6 week, I got another chance of having my parents out of home, and this time with hesitation asked her to wash me again. She laughed but did wash me, in our bathroom. It was bit less embarrassing though. After first 2–3 incident it became quite common that almost every time when parents away, she did wash me. Some time I used to stay nude around her after shower and she did feed me my lunch with me sitting over her lap naked. We did nothing sexual and I used to love acting like kids around her when no one at home. She never went nude in front of me, except 2–3 occasion she did wash me in undergarments as she was about to have her clothes washed too.

I did used to get boner while she was showering me but don’t remember since when I first noticed it. She did saw my boner but never bothered it or talked about it. Only few time, when I did splashed water over her or didn’t moved according to her, she grabbed and squeezed my penis to control me. Little mischievous lol. I tried to touch and felt her breast or ass few time but she never liked it and always scolded me.

After I turn 16 or so, she get married and stopped working at our home.

So it was my secret but I m not sure if it was really a sexual one

Top8:Like someone older than atleast 10+ years 

Well this may sound weird but I like someone older than atleast 10+ years .Now I’m 23 years old girl (Indian). I lost my v card at age of 18. My sexual secrets are many:

I like to give oral pleasures .I’m fond of thick ones .

Me and my bf used to sneak to his room , that was a turn on !

I like to listen to romantic songs at the background , try yoga postures in sex positions. He was not very aggressive .

We have had sex outdoor when it was raining in the car.

I have given him a handjob in the bus.

After I broke up i used web chatting sites to find that pleasure , used it for cam sex. It was awesome to orgasm for american (bbc, caucasian), italian and one from turkey .

Then i came to my senses that could happen using them , like ending up in a porn site .

Now I don’t date

Did i mention I’m curvy (who am I kidding I’m fat:P)

Top9: I’m asexual

I’m a 40+ female; healthy, sociable, considered attractive and stylish, never experienced sexual trauma of any kind, brought up in a happy, stable, not- overly religious home. My sexual secret is that I’m asexual. I can appreciate aesthetic beauty in people, and I find men fascinating in a way that would be considered sensual, but I’ve almost never in my life wanted to have the physical act of sex. I say almost never because there have been 2–3 times when I was in my 20’s that I felt the urge to have sex, but I never acted upon it. So I remain to this day, a virgin. And I’m perfectly happy with it. I’m not repelled by sex; just have absolutely no interest in it. In fact, it occurred to me a few months ago that I’ve never, ever googled anything having to do with the physical act of sex. (And I’m an AVID seeker of information!!) I’ve googled information only about the emotional/ psychological aspects of it. But if you were to ask me to write a few erotic paragraphs for a novel giving an explicit account of sexual intercourse, I wouldn’t be up to the task. Of course, I know that peg A goes into slot B, but that’s it. And I’m not interested in knowing any further details.

The secret is that just by looking at me, I’m confident that 99.9% of people would NEVER guess my sexual orientation (if it can be called that). I blend well into a crowd in any public setting. I’ve never caught teens – who are quick to notice the socially inept and the style-challenged – pointing and giggling at me. In fact, I work with teens. I have a maternal look about me, so I’m often assumed to be a wife and mother. I get on well with kids, and have even babysat when going to college, but I’ve never felt compelled to have any of my own.

Top10:Dealings with large muscular women

I have to be anonymous here because this is very unusual and would make everybody think I am very weird if they knew. My secret is that I (male, single, mid twenties) have a desire to have intimate dealings with large muscular women who will dominate me and turn me into their “girlfriend.” In this fantasy, the traditional male-female roles would be reversed. She would be the assertive one, she would be the one who takes care of me. She would be the boss in most everything.

Since I am very petite and sort of androgynous anyway, this isn’t quite as bizarre as it might seem. All my life people have wanted to baby me or mother me, but it isn’t a mother that I’m looking for. It’s a lover who is as much of a tomboy as I am a kind of girly boy and who is attracted to me for who I am, just as I am attracted to her. I have found web sites featuring FBBs — female body builders, and some of them appear to be exactly what I am looking for. I wonder what their sexual fantasies are? I fear that many of them are lesbians or maybe are women who prefer very macho males. I am not very macho, alas.

The thought of being lifted and carried by her makes me become aroused. She would play with me, tease me, tickle me, fondle me, put me down on the bed. She would rub me all over with fragrant oils, while kissing me tenderly. Then she would get on top of me and insert a dildo inside of my rectum. She would grind on me until I had a massive orgasm. Then I would give her any kind of intimate attention she might desire from me.

Am I the only male in the world who is like this? I’ve searched on the web for people like me but so far without results


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